Questions & Answers: Copyright Law - $21.95

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International Copyright Law: A Practical Global Guide - $185.95

from: BarristerBooks, Inc.

Copyright Law: Essential Cases and Materials - $195.95

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Patent Law, Including Trade Secrets, Copyrights, Trademarks (American Casebook Series) - $103.68

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United States of America business and copyright law

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Copyright Law Reporter - $2,117.00

Copyright Law Reporter gives you everything you need on copyright law''the full text of federal laws, precedent-setting court decisions, annotated explanations, Copyright Office forms, official circulars and reference materials. This two-volume reference covers the full scope of copyright issues, while eliminating the need to "weed through" irrelevant material. Timely issues''such as those involving Web publishing, electronic data-bases, licensing, broadcasting and musical performances&mdash are reported in detail. You'll also find authoritative explanations by CCH editors with cites to the related documents, as well as supplementary reference materials and a variety of indexes to guide you. Subscribe today to: Understand U.S. copyright law

Canadian Copyright Law - $20.79

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Cases & Materials on Civil Rights & Constitutional Litigation (American Casebook Series) - $115.20

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Law for Business and Personal Use, Copyright Update, 19E - $49.06

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