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If you just order one plant use this button-I charge a little more to pay for transportation and postage

If you order in bulk for more than 10 plant roots shipping here is free.

This is what all of my tropical plant swamp garden project should look like-full of fresh green growing plants cleaning the air and water-the air is really fresh-especially right after it rains- and the water is now coming out crystal clear-it used to look like liquid tar!! This looks like an incomplete project due to so many plants being stolen!!

This property is a swamp drainage property that floods a little every time it rains-it was condemned for human habitation decades ago in the 1950s.

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This is a photo of what I am told are Japanese irises-they thrive in cold weather when other plants are turned brown from freezing cold temperatures. They are also excellent water and air recyclers and filters that thrive in swamp areas all year round.

I am selling these for 7.50 per root and will sell 1000 roots for 5000.00.
Please use the paypal button for payment info.

If you pay any other person for these plants you have given your money to the wrong person!!
You can either make a donation for this environmental project here or you can use this button to make a payment for purchasing plants-just leave a message when you check out at the paypal site Edit Site Add-On

buy plants here

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